About Me

Sima Daniel

Fashion and Accessories Designer


“Remember your song”

  • Recall the initial essence.

  • Connect to the joy that is in your heart.

  • Radiate out your inner song.


  • The frequency of joy and harmony.

  • Each product has the ability to disperse powdered joy and penetrate more circles.

  •  Choosing my products allows you to feel complete, comforted and protected.

  • These are valuable products that have been preserved over time, its message resonates into the heart.

  • The right to give yourself the best, give it’s full worth and value.

The power of word-

  • Invites you to sanctify inner speech, to choose the right words that do you good.

  • Words bring you back to your full potential and essence.


  • Create a space that will envelop joy and harmony.

  • Maintain a high frequency that is continuous.

  • Use high quality products that have profound message.

  • A message that touches the heart and consciousness.